Winter Afternoon

on February 17, 2015

I didn’t have to go to work today because it snowed enough, finally, for the schools to be canceled. So, that meant NO WORK!!! YEAH!!! It is so beautiful outside and although the temperatures are going to be below zero tonight and for the next few days, I am enjoying this time with gratitude. I wonder at times when life gets so very busy about what it really means. Funny but sometimes it takes a snowstorm to actually put you back on course. If life is about balance then you need to rest when you have been working so hard to accomplish your goals or even everyday tasks. By “rest” I really mean rest. Get all into it. Not just sit there and try to watch a movie but think about how you could be unpacking boxes from the garage from your move 7 months ago. Resting is resting and you have to give it 100% just as you would to accomplish any goal. This storm has been able to help me see what I really remember deep in my soul. I remember how much I love to write and how I can create any reality I want to live. It is Ok to sit and cry on your day off because maybe you have been holding things in for way too long. When your life is work and after work you work and when you are alone you work on working on yourself…you see where I am going with this. Then, you can tend to bottle up emotions and they may not even be sad emotions. It really took me awhile to understand and accept that crying did not mean I was depressed or something was “wrong” with me. It simply meant that I needed to be able to let go of everything that I see and feel on a daily basis. Sometimes you just don’t have time to cry about the stray dog that you tried to help on the side of the road or the fact that you miss your family CONSTANTLY. Crying because I am so grateful for the life that has already been created for myself or the fact that I have been given the ability to see my life in a whole new light because I control all of my emotions. There are so many beautiful and magical events that unfold as you take the time to slow down and listen…really listen to what your soul wants and needs. This is a very peaceful winter afternoon as the pink sun begins to set, I am grateful for the snow coming just when I needed it the most.


2 responses to “Winter Afternoon

  1. trustthesoul says:

    I like what you said in here about taking the time to slow yourself a good cry when you need it. It’s true, so much gets bottled up and when you are able to feel your feelings and move forward it is so much easier to appreciate the beauty all around us. I relate alot to the path your on, stick with it!

    • bjamerson says:

      Thanks for reading! I started a new blog called clean eating empath through WordPress. I hope this new blog might relate to you. Happy you are on a similar journey!

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