writer’s block

on January 28, 2015

I can’t believe I have neglected my blog for so long. Through many signs and synchronicities, I have been brought back to my blogging community to be able to share my thoughts about everything and nothing. I actually took a creative writing class after I made my big move back in August. I absolutely loved it and one of the things that every writer in the class discussed was the fact that they never gave themselves time to write. Every single person in that class was a first timer for the creative writing course and every single one was absolutely poetic with their stories. I was really proud of the pieces I worked on in class and maybe I will share them on my blog. We all admitted to the “block” that gets us. Now, I am not talking about the block where you feel stuck and you cannot think of anything to write. We didn’t have issues about not being creative or being incapable of producing new work. No, we had a block that many people encounter often in their life. It doesn’t have to do with writing though. It is a block of joy or creative flow. You see, most people have blocks that they have created as a result of something that happened when they were younger. For instance, I was raised to believe that you work and then you can play. Never play without working! Some of you may have a deep belief that you have to put everyone before yourself so how would ever sit down and give yourself time to be able to write just for the fun of it. Well, not to worry because I also took an EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) class after I moved. So, I was able to unlock that core belief and understand why I wouldn’t allow myself to sit and do what I love. Which is to write, of course. I just found it interesting that I was not the only person that had this issue. I had an itch to write on my blog tonight and want to continue to do so even if it is about nothing. So, thanks for reading. I hope all of you allow yourself to have joy in doing what you love.


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