Saturday Sentiment

on August 2, 2014

Today is bittersweet because it will be the last morning in my home with my girls (my three cats). It has been a long time coming for me to move up and on in my life. I have been happily moving forward through many blocks and possibly creating some hectic situations and maybe even to avoid any sadness that may arise. I have been letting myself feel my emotions and express them easily. I am so ready to move out of here but I also feel a bit of sadness. I see Scooty looking out the bedroom window down into the trees. I pray that all three girls adjust to their new environment. Anybody that has a heart for animals can understand. You put them before you just like you would children. To me, they are my kids! I got up and did yoga this morning with the balcony wide open and I could hear the birds chirping. Around here, nobody is really up and moving until 9ish so the neighbors were all quiet. I will desperately miss hearing the train from afar. It really feels like home when I can hear the faint blow of the train whistle. It reminds me of fall evenings when it was still warm enough to keep the window open at night or of working at the farmer’s market downtown and seeing the train pass by the lot. I have always been sentimental. I can remember writing in my journal every year on the last day of summer break, ” I can’t believe tomorrow I start the 5th grade”, I wrote. So, it’s no surprise to me that most people can move out and not think twice but for me I have had some meditation and journal sessions about it. To me it represents all of the nights I sat on the balcony with the girls and visualized a new home and all of the cold winters with my magazine pictures spread across the living room floor, cutting and pasting for my vision board. All of my dreams are coming true and all of my prayers have been answered. So, I give myself permission to shed a few tears if I have to. This home has blessed me in many ways and in the 5 years that I have been here, I have changed in ways even I couldn’t even dream of. We have had wonderful family Christmas’ here including this last winter where we were snowed in for days. We held a Harry Potter marathon! I am so excited about my new life but yes I will always be grateful for all of the little wonderful details and memories this home has given me. I love watching the animals from my windows and feeding the stray cats(even finding some of them homes), Scooty learning to walk on her leash, Phoebe crying from downstairs and me having to go get here EVERYNIGHT! I have changed into a completely different women within these walls and now I am ready to grow. Our new home is absolutely perfect for us. Tomorrow we make the trek down south to move into our new home where my love is already moved in waiting on us. It is the end of living alone with my girls and just like a single mom with her kids, haha, we are ready to start a new life and a new family. I am so excited to share this on my blog. I have put out the intention to continue to embrace change and accept my transformation. Hell, I even gave a huge load of donations of, basically, crap I was holding onto. Why did I form such an attachment to stinky orange tennis shoes my boyfriend in college gave me? Gross! It’s funny how we hold onto things. It felt good to let it all go. I affirmed to the universe:I am letting go of the old and happily accept all new into my life. What material things are you holding onto? Have you had a major move in your life recently? Please share!


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