Ask and you shall receive

on July 12, 2014

I have found over the last few weeks that not only is it good to give but it takes just as much love to receive. I have been praying about a way to be able to move successfully and then I found out about . So, I took this as a sign to try to ask for assistance. I suppose sometimes in life we start to believe that we aren’t deserving of help or think to ourselves “why would anyone want to help me or give me money?”. Haven’t you ever heard your parents say “You have to work hard to get what you want”? But is this true? It doesn’t have to be. It most definitely doesn’t have to be true for you. I have found that when I was relaxed and passionate in my efforts to achieve a goal or “get” something, that it happened very easily. I am just as deserving as anyone else and so are you. I help people, animals, shelters, etc in anyway that I can, when I can. So, what is wrong with me asking for some help. If you are interested in helping please check out my page below or take the time to post to your Facebook or blog. Better yet? Why don’t you look within to see what it is you may need help with and be open to the universe giving it to you. After all, we all deserve the very best!


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