Lists upon lists upon lists

on July 2, 2014

Well, it seems as much as I try to post everyday to share in my progress I kind of get distracted. A lot of wonderful things are happening for me right now. I have continued to do EFT tapping. (Have you looked into it yet?) It does really work but I need to make myself do it. Why is it that the things that work so great for us, are the things we avoid? I guess it is like a good workout. You feel so great afterwards and wonder why you don’t do it all of the time…but do you keep up with it? I can feel some old belief systems falling away as well as limitations I had set on myself for years. I have a strong feeling that in the next few days some really wonderful things are going to happen. I recently started a new affirmation “only good lies before me”. So, I hope it will work as well as my “my income is constantly increasing”. That one has really been working and although I know it has been in small ways, they have really helped me out which proves that it is true, my income IS constantly increasing. I did, however, start to feel negative about my new job. It is hard to work with negative people. So, although I am really positive and love the job, the women there are comical. That’s all I can say really because they just…Well, I really have never seen anything like it except maybe junior high. It’s pretty bad. So, instead of getting bogged down with it I keep trying to remind myself that I am creating my surroundings and that they are just a small piece of a bigger picture. Damn, it’s hard. I’m not even going to lie to you. I was so frustrated with two of them the other day. I don’t even want to go into details because it is so freakin’ silly. Anyway, I kept wanting to get revenge on one of them and I realized she is so negative that I am probably annoying her just by being my happy go lucky self. So, you know I amped that up 100%!!! I suppose today I did get down about it because I started wondering “why do I want to do with my life”. Right now I am making money and when I move I know I will want to work but doing what? I need to be busy and creative so just sitting at an office, although I have done this, just is not for me. I thought about it and I know that I love writing. LOVE IT! Am I good at punctuation and grammar? Maybe not the best but it really feels freeing to be able to write out your thoughts or creative ideas. I am also interested in Feng shui among many other things. I have dabbled in so many fields that I feel I am pretty open to trying different career paths. What is your career? How and when did you know it was for you? How long have you been doing it? I just know that no matter what I am doing as a career, it needs to be where I am expressing myself creatively. IT HAS TO!!! So, today I was getting down thinking if I will ever find something that I love and stick to it. I have to stay positive because I know I am getting closer and I am remembering that whatever I am thinking and feeling is creating my future. So, I am just keeping the faith and trying out different things that I am interested in. Now, if I could only find a career that pays VERY WELL and let’s me be able to play with my cats all day (and watch reality tv). Is that possible? I do know that making lists is a great way to let the universe know what you want. You don’t even have to be specific about it. You can be as specific as you want to be. That’s a great idea for me to do that tonight! Can you tell me the top 5 things you would have on your list that you want? Doesn’t matter if it’s in a soul mate, career, lifestyle, items you want to own, places you want to visit, etc. Please share with me! Come on…I need some inspiration! 


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