Keep It Up!

on June 17, 2014

I just wanted to check in since I am at home with my computer. I have been housesitting(this includes caring for many many pets), working, getting ready to move, working out, etc. all week so it’s been pretty busy. I know things will slow down after next Monday so I will be able to post longer and more detailed information about the work I have been doing to transform my life. Since I have had everything going on all at once, I found myself almost in panic attacks. It was like I couldn’t get out of it. I couldn’t make time go fast enough so that I could get things done. Yes, you read that right. Most people say they want time to slow down but I am excited for my mom to be back from vacation so I can go on a mini weekend getaway. Also, I have a move coming up in August. So, when I had to work on Sunday from 12 to 5, all I could think of is “God please hurry this day along so I can be a step closer.” Funny how we wish away time so we can get to what is “important” to us. I was so worked up that my usual “treatments” weren’t working to make the anxiety go away. I just keep thinking of more and more things that needed to be done but I wouldn’t be able to actually do them until the end of the week. I finally had a break down yesterday because I knew if I kept it up then I would go right back into having health problems and telling the universe ” Hey, can I please have more stuff to stress about?”. The biggest thing that works for me is exercise. Honestly, I like to do all types of physical activity but when I get whipped into a froth, I simply walk…walk walk walk! It clears my head, it feels great, I get to be in nature (except for now because it’s so damn hot out this week). Then everything magically goes away. No not really but what does happen is the things I needed to do immediately suddenly fall away into that place in my mind that I believe is file “mehh”. You know? Kind of like, well if it happens it happens attitude. So, although I know that I still want to accomplish that long list of chores or activities, I can be more relaxed about it and focus. My God does exercise help me focus! I also make lists of gratitude. Since I had a lot to do last night, I did not make a list but I said aloud the things I was grateful for (which was hard because my moms dogs mangled a baby raccoon at 530 in the morning and I held it until it passed) so it was a rough way to start my day. I did it anyway. I also took a bath with essential oil and epsom salts in complete silence(except for me talking aloud to myself) and topped it off with some EFT tapping. Don’t worry if you don’t understand some of my methods because I will go into detail about them in future posts. I felt great before bed and I just kept saying positive affirmations all night and into the morning. It was nice to be able to calm down and sit outside in the country with 7-10 farm cats and 3 sweet pups. I actually enjoyed my night! What kinds of results did that produce for my day? Well, I woke up feeling great and decided to walk on the treadmill before work. Gas prices went down and I also used my fuel points to get extra money off. When I got to work, I was excited that I got to spend the day with a very sweet employee and we had a lot of fun doing revisions and changing out the displays. Today was one of those days that if I didn’t have a million things to do after work then I would have stayed longer. It literally flew by! See, I am learning to let go and trust God because when I get so worked up about life and force everything to go a certain way then it never works out but when I relax then everything falls into place. Trust me! It has taken many roads for me to get to this points so if reading this sounds obnoxious then I get it. I was most definitely there. I could not stand people being so damn chipper. I am learning along with you. If you don’t know anything about EFT tapping and you would like to learn more before I am able to post about it please check out Nick Ortner and The Tapping Solution. I always turn to Louise Hay as well. Hey! You are awesome! Keep it up!!! For now I am off to feed some more fur babies and give myself some extra TLC tonight for doing so great!


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