F_cking Facebook

on June 15, 2014

Facebook is an interesting concept. Don’t ya think? It is so interesting to me that people claim their undying love to their partner on social media. Why not just turn to your loved one and tell them yourself?! I guess it isn’t as meaningful if you don’t have 35 “likes” to back up your claim. Kind of like this post right now. I am bitching about other people. Social media is weird and I don’t care how “trendy” and “modern” it is, it will always be weird to me to see people telling their one year old Happy Birthday when they will never see it, seeing a picture of someone that is potty training their child, a picture of your husband cleaning your house or creating more labels by stating that you are Gay, Straight, in a relationship, etc. I suppose it is because I have never been one to “go with the crowd” or just accept something because everyone else is doing it. I question everything and I guess that is what makes me so damn interesting and unique. I love to sit and ponder about life and life choices. I have recognized peoples children in public because I have seen their pictures all over Facebook. Isn’t that creepy? Anyone? On the other hand, I know Facebook has been able to reconnect people, rescue animals, help businesses succeed and share important news (you know the news that they aren’t really showing on television or in papers). This is my form of self expression today. Can you tell I am working on self expression through writing? What do you think? 


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