To Blog or Not to Blog?

on May 14, 2014

I originally started blogging to support my creativity and self expression. I thought it would be an easy way to learn how to use different tools and social media sites all while releasing built up energy that needed to be let out in a creative way. Like I had said in previous posts that it is unusual for me because I am a very private person. I don’t even put pictures of myself on Facebook and I am still hesitant to post them on this blog. I started to yesterday and got nervous. I think it is because I can see it as harmless and there is also a little voice inside of me telling me that it is very unusual. I mean, this isn’t the way that we were all raised. Now it is completely normal to put ourselves out there, all of ourselves completely “out there”. I think social media can be used in a very normal way, I mean I suppose I should step into 2014 but I most certainly won’t with half naked pictures of me pregnant or of my private wedding or the birth of my children. That completely blows my mind that people do that but then again everyone has their own intentions and reasons for it. Don’t get me wrong. I support every individuals freedom to express themselves be it through private pictures or simply bitching about someone on work on twitter or Facebook. It is just not for me but then again here I am doing this blog. I am a contradiction I suppose. Anyway, I just wanted to know what is your purpose in having a blog. Do you have a particular topic that you want to enlighten people with or are you promoting a business? Do you plan on making money through a blog? What are your intentions in having a blog? I suppose there is a part of me that wishes by tomorrow morning I have a million followers and I get a book deal. I suppose I would need a focus. Tell me what you think about your blogging experience


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