Brianne in Wonderland

on May 7, 2014

Brianne in Wonderland

We went to the Indianapolis Art Museum Tuesday for my birthday. I really wanted to be able to spend time outside but the weather has been a bit unpredictable lately. So, since the art museum has beautiful gardens, we chose it to be able to accommodate rain or sun. The gardens were absolutely beautiful! It gave me so many wonderful feelings. Actually, I kept saying it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. It put some fresh ideas into my mind on what to visualize for my dream home. I knew that I wanted to spend time outside on my birthday but I also told my boyfriend that I wanted to be able to go somewhere I have never been that would inspire me and give me, not only fresh ideas, but feelings. Part of visualizing for your future is being able to feel like it has already happened. How does somebody do that if they are in a small town and stuck in a tiny apartment all winter? How can you acquire those feelings and visions? I knew that I needed to start broadening my experiences so my mind could begin to keep a log of all the things that I love and find peaceful. I know that this is real because I have experienced it in other areas of my life. I imagine it as though my mind remembers everything that has given me a good feeling and everything that I love and somehow creates it in ways I couldn’t imagine and maybe even forgot that I had once wanted or experienced. Sound crazy? Maybe but I guess the beauty in it is just trusting that my theory is true and not worrying or wondering how that could even happen. Sometimes I get bogged down with the details of what I want the universe to give me or try telling the universe how to do. It makes me laugh to think about it now. I literally have flashes of thought like “Well, those types of trees don’t grow in the area that I live so we will have to hire certain gardeners and landscapers to properly care for them in this climate. How will I have the money to do that. It will be too much work” Ha! All I need to do is just love and appreciate the tree or landscape and the universe will figure it out. Maybe the universe will give me a tree very similar in my yard that is easy to maintain and grow and I love it more. Either way, I really enjoyed my day in the gardens. This photo reminds me so much of Alice in Wonderland so I hope I get to see it recreated in my future and this time I would like the white rabbit!


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