Happy May!

on May 3, 2014

Happy May!

The sky is finally blue here in Indiana! I heard the other day that it hasn’t been this cold going into May since 1995. I am not really complaining because it has given me time to do some things inside. You know, like catch up on my reality TV. Anyway, I am excited to start this month because it is my absolute favorite. My birthday is in a few days and May also brings a lot of my friends and family members birthdays and fun events to celebrate. Although it has been a cold month to start out, the landscape doesn’t seem to care because everything is growing so bright and green around here. It literally happened overnight. I am so excited for changes that are taking place in my life and there is just something about this month that is supporting all of those wonderful things! Now, if I could just shake some of my old anxieties then I will feel like I have mastered this thing we call “life”. Do you know what I mean? I have been paid at the beginning of every month for the past almost 5 years and I lost that income recently. I do believe I mentioned that in previous posts. Well, although I knew I had a good income the last 5 years, every time I would get paid it came with a lot of anxiety and worry that the money would be gone as fast as it came to me. It also meant that I hurried along the months until I could get paid again. So, although I don’t have that income I still have all of those same thoughts that I had trained my brain to feel when the money would show up. Isn’t that wild? So, I am working on just letting the universe support me, which it always has, and see how miracles start to happen in my life. If you really knew me, you would know that I am very private about pretty much everything in my life. So, to be writing about this on a blog for anyone and everyone to see is pretty wild for me. It just so happens that since I started changing the way I looked at money and stopped comparing myself to others, I noticed that there were others like me that were having these problems too. I noticed that people are always trying to make themselves look like something they are not in terms of finances. Hey, that’s OK. That is where they are in their life and on their spiritual path. For me, I want to be able to share what I am going through because I am not the only one. I am not the only one making a huge transition in my life with a student loan debt breathing down my neck among other things. It is OK! I heard this the other day when I had worked myself into a frenzy about everything I wish I had done, I want to do, I need to do, etc. I literally heard a voice say “Everything is OK”. It’s true! Louise Hay is always saying to not scare yourself with your thoughts and that is exactly what I had been doing. Do you scare yourself with your thoughts? What kind of thoughts or “noise” do you have? It’s all OK! It’s OK to let it go and start the month of May with new wonderful thoughts that can help shape the life you want. For my life, I want to enjoy living in the moment because a lot is about to change for me. I also want to welcome the universe to support me so I don’t have to struggle anymore and try to be so perfect. I will continue to stop comparing myself to others in where I think I should be in my life based on their expectations. Most importantly, I will love myself more and be grateful for everything that is happening and all that I have learned in the last few years of my life. Please join me in welcoming the month of May, no matter how cold and cloudy it is, because everything is about to get brighter for you and me! It’s going to be a great May!!!


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