Spring Has Sprung!

on April 26, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

I never understood the meaning of spring cleaning until most recently. I would say in the last 3 years I have felt the need to purge everything that is old, broken, stashed away in boxes, not been worn(or seen) in years. The energy is very intense this spring. I am very sensitive to pushing out the old and welcoming in the new. Most people try doing this right at New Year’s Day but this winter was so harsh that everything really was put on hold until spring. I am sure I always felt the energy that spring brings when I was a child being able to play outdoors again. Plus my birthday is in May so that always felt like a big celebration was on its way. I felt it in college when I didn’t have to wear a parka and boots to class and some classes were skipped to play frisbee or lay in the park. Now, as an “adult”, I feel the need to have less clutter and old energy in my life. I am wanting to make life as simple as can be. I am also about to make a major move down south so I am sure that has helped with my obsessive compulsive need to organize everything from the pictures on my computer to the toys from my childhood stored away at my moms house. I know that it also brings about a stirring in me to be more creative. Winter was great for baking and watching movies in jammies, that is for sure! Since I have seen the first little bit of green I have felt this emptiness that hasn’t been able to be fulfilled. I struggled with it for about a month. After doing a cleanse and starting yoga back up, I realized that I have stifled my creativity. Which is sad because I love to “make and do” and I have since I was young. I guess as an adult we see ourselves with limitations and think we are too old to do certain things. As crazy as it sounds I consider myself, at only 31, behind in technology. I have seriously formed this belief that I don’t know that much about technology, therefore, I cannot make videos, run a successful blog, edit photos, have music lists, “tag” and “tweet” and all of that other “stuff” that everyone does. I had to get over it. The reason I started this blog a year ago was not to be perfect and super successful and get onto the food network with a food blog but simply to have a creative outlet. Of course I would like to make sense and have followers and learn from my experience but MY GOD I need a creative outlet. How many times have you wanted to do something and thought “well I have to buy all of the supplies first” or “i have to learn how to do it first” or by the time you get all of your shit together you are too tired to do what you were inspired to do? That has been me for the last few months and it has to stop. I have a lot to offer to this world and so do you! During my shower, which by the way is when I do my best thinking, I thought about my blog and how much I missed being able to just write about absolutely nothing but feel like there was this ocean of people waiting to receive my thoughts. It’s very beautiful. Something as simple as a blog, that maybe nobody even reads, has inspired me and helped me to have a creative outlet…at least for today. So, as spring turns into summer and summer into fall, etc. I hope you can flow with the energy that each season brings.


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