Cat Cursed

on August 1, 2013

I really need to vent about my current situation. UUUGGHH! I really do try to stay positive and I really do try to be a kind, loving and helpful person. I am just really pissed today about people that dump stray animals. This is nothing new to me but I guess I have just hit my breaking point. We have fostered and helped animals since I was very young and now that I live on my own it has become quite the part time job around the area that I live in. Truth be told, this happens all over. I keep thinking if I move from this area that it will stop but no matter where I go the animals just seem to find me. Of course, the curse is that I love them so much and I worry about them. I feed them, and not the cheap shit either, I am talking grain free organic food because just because they are strays doesn’t mean they need to eat toxic cheap cat food. I usually get them fix and try to rehome them but DAMN! In the next week I have come across 2 strays, last month there were two and I am already feeding 2 other strays. When does it end? I mean, if I had my own home with a yard and maybe a shelter for them, like a shed or garage, then it would be another story. That isn’t the case. I am in an apartment and we aren’t even allowed to have pets! So, the cat that showed up last night is young and pregnant…OH and was stuck in the tree this morning. At that point I just looked up to the heavens and said ” GOOD ONE!” because I know that God is playing a trick on me. God wouldn’t really let this be happening right now. There I am climbing through the brush and damp soil from yesterdays rain, in my robe mind you, through the woods to get to this cat. Anyway, I called every No Kill Shelter within a 150 mile radius and a lovely lady said she could take her into foster care with a donation. Thank goodness! As for the stray at the park, I suppose I will keep looking for a home for that sweet little guy. Why am I such a sweetheart? Why can’t I just be like the others around ” Awww, cute kitty!” and then move on. I get up early to go feed and water the scrawny little things. I keep thinking about how they have no clue what is going on. One minute they are fed and sheltered and the next their jackass owners decide it’s ok to leave them in the middle of nowhere. So, God Bless all of you animal rescuers out there and all of you that take the time to donate and volunteer. I know there are caring souls out there like me and although it is overwhelming, I just can’t help myself. I love animals!!!


One response to “Cat Cursed

  1. lynnkennison says:

    You will be blessed for your efforts, I’m sure:)
    I live in the country, so we get a lot of stray dogs. 3 of out my 4 dogs were strays! And then there’s my mom, my sister, my grandparents and neighbors who all have about the same ratio.

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