Cookies for Singles

on July 22, 2013

Cookies for Singles

Well, I was reminded yet again this weekend on what it may feel like to be over 30 (31 to be exact) and not be married or have children. Now, although I am not technically “single” I pretty much live like a bachelorette. With my significant other living three hours away and working 8-9 months of the year it can be difficult to explain to people my lifestyle choice(?). Now, I live in a small town where if you aren’t married immediately after high school or aren’t with a child by the time you are 20 then forget about it, you might as well go to your local animal shelter and start your cat family now. Which by the way, I am working on! At my new yoga swimming class last week a kind woman, maybe in her late 50’s early 60’s, asked “Honey, are you married? Have children?” and before I could get the answer out she replies with “Well, that’s just fine. There is nothing wrong with that!” My reply was “Yeah, I seem to think so”. Ok, calm down people I am only 31 and I love my life! I mean, I don’t ask how long they have been married and respond with “That’s Ok. He’s probably not cheating anyway!” So, if that wasn’t enough from the over 50 department of advice for young aspiring spinster, I received more advice this weekend from a family member that is visiting from out of town (God Bless Her!). She told me of a recipe for a small cake for one that you can make in your microwave. Although it is a clever idea, I do not use microwaves and I didn’t like the fact that it was directed toward me. I mean, isn’t there anyone else that likes cake? She insisted it would be perfect for me. What I heard was “Hey, if he’s not living with you then you may as well accept he won’t marry you so sit and eat cake until your fat ass is content”. I actually don’t mind these little pieces of advice or “encouragement” from local town folk because it clearly humors me. I love how they think they know what is best for me but in reality they mean well and so that warms my heart. Here is a little recipe for all of you bachelor and bachelorettes out there! 


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