Easter Comes Early

on March 14, 2013

Easter Comes Early

Is anyone else ready for Easter? I have actually been planning our family get together since January. It was something that helped get me through the long snowy evenings here in Indiana. Of course, party planning is a breeze thanks to Pinterest! I do love a good party. Ecspecially one that I have put together with all of the cute little details. I am making Easter invitations today along with buying the rest of the decorations. We are celebrating Easter next weekend because that is when our family can all be in one place at the same time. Last year I bought a few items on clearance after Easter. A chocolate bunny mold was one item I felt that I couldn’t live without. This is a picture of the Cookies & Cream bunny that I am selling. It is made with all natural white chocolate and organic chocolate cream cookies. I thought it turned out really great! Although, I would like to work on my photography because I couldn’t seem to get a picture without shadows. How do food bloggers get their pictures so perfect? I am not too worried about perfection at this point. Clearly you can tell by the crooked staple on the gift tag. Nevertheless, I am proud of my chocolate bunny and I plan on making some dairy free bunnies later today.


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